7 Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Trips to Take with Dad

Father's Day trip

7 Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Trips to Take with Dad

The summer season is in full swing so do Father’s Day that is just about here. This day you either gift him another tie or wallet, or you should celebrate it by planning a trip together. You’ll both spend some quality time together. It is going to be a lot more beautiful than some materialistic gift.

There would be so many of your father’s favorite destinations and activities, so whether you want to plan a holiday trip or road trip or want to do some activities that you enjoy together. Here are the budget-friendly Best Vacation Deals Now trips with exciting discounted travel packages at 10% off using Promo Code Summer2021 to explore the world with the best man of your life and enjoy life to the fullest.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Father is a pillar of a family and has struggled a lot throughout life. So he deserves a day to treat himself. If he like golf, cars, booze, thrills? In Las Vegas, you can include all the great activities on your list to celebrate Father’s Day.

If you want to spend some quality tea time with your father? Enjoy some sun, fresh air, peace, and a relaxing round of golf club. He’ll also love the course’s lush landscape and its beautiful views of the city.

If your father is a nature lover, he will find the greenhouse Magic of Kansai, which inspired by a Japanese spring garden, a peaceful place. At Kansai garden, you’ll see beautiful flowers, plants, and trees.

You can also take your father to Speed Vegas. Drive some supercars, race trucks, rally cars, and tanks. Jump into a drift, race truck, rally car, or any car ride along, you’ll experience a top-class driving experience at SPEEDVEGAS.



Surprise your dad and take him for the Mexico trip. There are many fun activities to enjoy in Mexico. One of the amazing things to do that your father surely loves is sailing.

Sail through the island including, Punta Sam reef for the first snorkel, Punta Sur beach club, where you’ll enjoy a beach and pool, also have a buffet lunch. You can also go shopping in the Isla Mujeres. Further, you’ll also have an opportunity to enjoy an open bar while watching the beautiful sunset.


Playa Bonita, Panama 

This Father’s Day, you can also plan a friendly-budget trip to Palaya Bonita, Panama, with the Best Vacation Deals Now.

What about discovering wildlife? Monkey Island located on Gatun Lake with the Panama Canal. It is famous for its large number of monkeys. You’ll see four different types of monkeys on the island mantled howler, white-faced capuchin, Geoffroy’s tamarin, and lemurine owl monkeys, along with other wildlife.

On this tour, go sailing on a scenic riverboat cruise around the lake and the Chagres River. You will also see wildlife creatures such as sloths, iguanas, and crocodiles.


Pocono Mountains-Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Doing sport and being in touch with nature is always good for health. This Father’s Day, you can take your dad to The Levee Loop Trail provides gentle hiking walking trails, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and biking paths wind beside Brodhead Creek, which is also a top spot for fishing in the warmer months and more.


Puerto Plata

If your father likes adventure safari, you can arrange a fun trip to Puerto Plata, visiting some of the island highlights. It is a perfect opportunity to explore the region diverse landscape and its inhabitants. On this tour, you can enjoy unbounded views from aboard the open-air safari truck while the guide provides different stories about the surrounding countryside. You can also stop by for photos.



Orlando has special attractions that are perfect for dads, especially on this Father’s Day, where everyone needs changes and relaxation from the pandemic.

If your dad loves science-fiction, let him experience the complete wonder of Pandora, the World of Avatar at Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park, or Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Hollywood Studios.

Your father will also enjoy some of the world’s greatest roller coasters and a close connection with aquatic marvels at SeaWorld Orlando.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

This Father’s Day, consider a camping trip or just a day hike on one of the Smokies’ many beautiful trails for your dad. At Gatlinburg, you’ll be going to see some gorgeous scenery and inhale that fresh Smoky Mountain air. Additionally, if you’ll feel a bit more adventurous with your dad, you should also plan a white water rafting trip on the Big Pigeon River.


However, plan a budget-friendly- trip with the Best Vacation Deals Now by availing 10% discount offer using the code SUMMER2021 and celebrate this Father’s Day while creating beautiful memories with him.