5 Tourist Destinations You Can Visit Over The Weekend in Orlando At $99

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5 Tourist Destinations You Can Visit Over The Weekend in Orlando At $99

A vacation to Orlando might be expensive, but it is well worth it if you want to spend quality time with your family and have fun in the sun on the most perfect tourist destinations, there are ways to budget smartly and save yourself hundreds and thousands of dollars. After all, everyone loves to visit Orlando, and here you’ll find the finest budget-friendly options in Orlando, including stunning sights you won’t want to miss.

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Indoor Karting & Games Are a Lot Of Fun

When you arrive in Orlando, it is easy to choose a theme park as the center of your trip, but some people choose to go off the beaten path and create memories in other ways. One of the most exciting places where you can experience adventure is Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. Since this suit has a lot to say, I will try to show you as simple as possible, show you the most valuable part of it, and let you know what everyone can do.

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Additionally, the International Drive (also known as IDrive), there are also multi-level indoor karting tracks, bowling alleys, and race tracks, laser tags, video games, food, two bars, and other places worth visiting. Most activities are cheaper. Now you’ll understand why you should go to Andretti Orlando on your holiday.


Beautiful Botanical Gardens and Zoo

You can see more than 500 animals, including rare and critically endangered species, and 23 acres of gardens in Sanford, approximately 30 minutes north of downtown Orlando. Over the weekend, you can watch several interesting shows including primate feeding programs, watching insects, bird shows, and elephant shows.  You will also have a special behind-the-scenes meeting with elephants, where you can learn more about this cute animal and even understand what an elephant is. It feels like a trunk with 100,000 muscles. (If the weather permits, “Meet the Elephant” is an additional purchase).

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However, in this amazing zoo, you can also have the beautiful chance to spend quality time in the rich botanical garden. . In this hot summer, if you want to relax in the humid water park, You can also use your bathing costume to chill out in the lush baths.


Orlando StarFlyer

Orlando’s highest attraction is also one of the easiest to reach! It is a very economical flyer. The Starflyer gives you an experience of 60 miles per hour speed. For this adventure, there is no age limit, but if you want to enjoy the flyer you should be 44 inches tall.

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The Orlando StarFlyer is also known as the world’s tallest swing ride. It is taller than The Wheel by 50 feet, After getting on your seat, a 360-degree spin at a high speed of up to 60 mph can be experienced by blinking to a height of 425 feet. You can see a clear view of every direction.


The Amazing Bronze Kingdom African Art Gallery

Bronze Kingdom Art Gallery is located on International Boulevard, this gallery has more than 2,000 exhibits.

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The biggest collection of rare African bronze sculptures, pearls, and wood carvings in the world may be found here. General admission is US$5, visiting adults are US$12, senior citizens are US$9, and children under 12 and students are US$7.


7D Dark Ride Adventure

7D Ride Adventure is located at ICON Park. It offers you the VR experience that gives you the chance to fight a crowd of zombies, a mad scientist, and his robots, or both.

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With less price, you’ll experience the best 7D ride you could ask for.


However, browse Best Vacation Packages and save much more by availing yourself of the best tourist destinations in Orlando which are extremely affordable and will make your trip memorable and a lifetime experience.